Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Houston We Are Go

Things have been really crazy in the McArthur household lately!  Tax time is here again, and Adam and I have been buried under expense reports, excel spreadsheets, and mountains of receipts and papers.  We finally resurfaced last night, and now I can check off one more thing on my to-do list.

We finally heard from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, and Adam has been accepted for treatment!  We have our first consultation scheduled for the 6th of February, which just happens to be our oldest son's 8th birthday.  We'll also be missing our middle son's 6th birthday on Valentine's Day.  But, we do hope to have a big family celebration when we return.  We will probably be in Houston for about 2 weeks, and to be honest, we are both really looking forward to it!!  We haven't spent more than a couple of hours away from the children since our oldest was born.  The thought of taking a second honeymoon would never have occurred to us, but I guess God felt that we really needed an extended break from the children!  Boy, I wish He didn't have to be so dramatic, though.

Adam is currently on a very strict diet, and is taking loads of vitamins and supplements.  We have done tons of research and investigated several different cancer protocols, and have sort of created our own.  Adam is avoiding sugar completely, and has gotten to the point where he doesn't even miss it.  And this is a man who had to have chocolate every single day without fail.  We eat alarming amounts of vegetables in soups and salads, and we make fresh vegetable juices from our new juicer.  We have minimized red meat, since excess iron fuels cancer growth.  We've been eating lots more fish and seafood, and I've even learned to embrace tofu and edamame, which I used to have major issues with.  We snack on nuts, fruit, and cheese made from raw milk.  We still get raw milk straight from the farm, but Adam has switched to sugar-free coconut milk.  We realized that dairy milk and yogurt had way too much milk sugar in it, so it's best to avoid it for now.  Supplement-wise, Adam is taking flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, vitamins B, C, and D.  Also, turmeric, milk thistle, a probiotic, and I'm sure there is more that I'm leaving out but I just can't remember at the moment.  Oh!  Enzymes (lots of them) and Modified Citrus Pectin.  There.  That should be it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to blog more when we are in Houston.  Until then, keep praying!  Your thoughts and prayers have been instrumental in Adam's healing, and we are so encouraged and feeling so positive these days!  Thank you all so much!!

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