Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Healer in Adam's Heart

Today was a nice relaxing day.  We went shopping without the children for the first time in 8 years.  We strolled around Ikea for a couple of hours and had lunch.  Then we went to Kohl's to use the gift cards we received from my father for Christmas.  What a luxury to hunt through clearance racks and leisurely try on clothes!

We also had a meeting with Dr. Szymkowski at the clinic.  Now that Adam is being considered for the antineoplaston treatment, we are back upstairs on the 4th floor with "Dr. Barbara", as they all call her.  Except everyone is Polish there, so they say "Duk-toor Bada-bada."  I absolutely love foreign accents... is it any wonder that I married an Englishman?

She went over all the details of the antineoplaston treatment and possible side effects.  They are nothing compared to the cancer drugs we had been asked to consider before.  These are definitely more benign... things like possible fatigue, mood swings, joint aches, etc.  We did learn something very interesting about the new treatment, however.  Adam will need to have a catheter inserted directly into the atrium of his heart for the next 8 months while he is receiving the treatment.  The healing agent will actually be delivered directly into his heart.  We couldn't ignore the incredible coincidence that the song we chose to name this blog after now describes perfectly what he will be experiencing.  Who knew?

We actually didn't choose this title initially.  We both love a Scottish band called Runrig, and were going through their albums looking for good song titles that we could use.  But, everytime we checked Blogger, the blog name already existed.  We tried at least 7 or 8 song titles before we came across "Healer in your Heart."  I'd actually never heard the song, as it was from one of their earlier albums, but as soon as Adam played it for me, we both knew it would be a great title for the blog.  And as luck would have it, no one before us has thought to create a blog with the same name.  Since then, the song has become a sort of anthem for us, and we listen to it constantly.  Now it symbolizes yet another confirmation from above that we are on the right track.  Oh, and I totally forgot to mention it before... on the first day we arrived at the clinic, we pulled into the parking lot.  We crept around slowly trying to find a spot, when we saw one just ahead of us on the right.  We pulled in and found ourselves right across from a Chevy HHR.