Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Full speed ahead!

Adam reached his maximum dose over this past weekend.  And he's feeling great!  No brain fluid or swelling, no increase in fatigue, nada.  I really thought our luck was going to run out, and that Adam would start experiencing all the side-effects in the book.  But, nope, my trouper-of-a-husband keeps truckin' along.  He's still working, and has really started picking up the slack with the bedtime routine, thank God.  Once I've cooked dinner, survived the nightmare that IS dinnertime, washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, and done all of Ali's supplements, I'm just toast.  I can't hardly make it up the stairs.  So, Adam has been getting the boys ready for bed for me, and I'm so grateful.  Now that tells you something.  If he's able to get these three lunatics washed, watered, brushed, and pyjama'ed, then you know he's doing alright.  He's still not sleeping much, and has had to increase his water intake to 12 (!!) liters a day, so the toilet is his best friend.  But, his bloodwork is coming back stellar, and overall he's doing incredibly well.  We are looking forward to the next MRI, which will be coming up in 4 weeks time.  That tumor better start getting the hint.

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