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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Off the Grid

There hasn't been much to write about the past week, as we've just been counting the days until our trip to New York coming up.  I also have had nothing to type ON.  My PC died over a week ago, and I feel like I've lost a limb.  At least 100 times a day I encounter a need to get onto my computer, only to look over at the closed doors of my computer armoire and sigh.  Adam's computer has also been acting up, and our laptop finally bid farewell to it's already disabled spacebar.  We bought the laptop two years ago for Adam to use for work on those rare occasions that we need to travel.  We had it for less than an hour when a 6 month-old Finlay climbed up and ripped off the spacebar.  I managed to finagle it back on, but it never worked quite right.  When it fell off for the last time a few months ago, we began to use the little rubber nobble located beneath the spacebar.  That finally rubbed off completely, so the laptop is now fairly useless.  You would be amazed at just how necessary a spacebar is.

On Tuesday we will be driving up to New York and we are so excited!!  There has been so much to do to prepare, booking a car and hotel, getting an EKG done and collecting all of Adam's surgery notes, labwork, MRI reports, etc.  Not to mention the daily deluge of bills from everyone with a medical degree who's ever HEARD of Adam.  I swear the nurse that swabbed the surgeon's forehead submitted a separate invoice.  Those of you lucky enough to have insurance never get the privilege of dealing with all this crap.  It's an unbelievable amount of paperwork, and has become a part-time job.  Now we also have a separate pile of bills from Calum's surgery to further complicate matters.  I can't even begin to deal with those right now, and UVA will just have to wait until we get Adam's next treatment protocol underway and I find to the time to feel like calling them back.

Hopefully we will be able to get the laptop looked at while in New York so I'll be able to keep everyone updated.  For now I'm stealing moments here and there to jump on Adam's work PC and check a few emails.  Otherwise, I'm pretty much offline, and best to be reached by phone.  You know, the one with the really long cord.  Does anyone else remember when you used to have a corded phone (you know back in the 80s), and it would get all wound up so you had to lift up the cord and let the phone spin around until it worked out all the coils?  Damn that was fun.  And I get to do it all the time!  Hey, maybe we should just go the full-Amish and just do away with household electricity altogether.  I would love any excuse to get rid of that darn Wii.

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  1. Even with insurance there is a mountain of paperwork and cancer is a part-time job in itself what with all the appointments etc. Yes, we had a corded phone. Our pink box-type phone we had in the kitchen had a 50 foot coiled cord so we could walk into the living room and still be on the phone. I remember when the ATT "Phone Store" opened up and thinking "why would you need to buy a phone? They give you one." That was in the mid 80's I think. And then you could buy a phone in a regular store - Wow, we finally got a "princess" type phone. I still have that phone and use it as a back up in case the power goes out and the cordless phones don't work. And don't get me started on cell phones. My hubby bought me our first cell phone in 1995. It was used and he got it from his buddy so that I did not drive around with our first baby without a phone. I didn't want it. I couldn't figure out why I would need one. Now I wonder how I would live if I couldn't pick up the phone to call home to see if this or that brand is the one someone wants from the supermarket. It is a blessing and a curse.