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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Catheter

The catheter is in!  We were picked up this morning by the driver at 11:45, and brought to the Houston Imaging Center downtown.  After filling out a form, and waiting maybe 20 minutes, they brought us back to prep Adam for his procedure.  Fatima, Adam's nurse, was wonderful.  She got Adam hooked into an IV and told us about how they insert the catheter, and what it will look like and how to care for it.  Then she took Adam back to the operating room. The insertion took about 20 minutes, and the doctor came out afterwords to tell me that Adam did great.  In fact, Adam and the doctor talked non-stop about Norwegian football (soccer), SAD, and living in Scandinavia.  Apparently, the surgeon being of Norwegian decent decided to live in Norway for a few years when he was younger.  I can totally relate to that!  However, what I still can't understand, even after 9 years of marriage, is how my husband is able to extract the life-stories of everyone he comes into contact with.  It's unbelievable.  Never have I met anyone who has such a genuine interest in complete strangers and will happily strike up conversations with any random person who crosses his path.  Me, I just can't do it.  I can't even fake it.  I'm somewhat shy around people I don't know, and I'm sorry to admit that I just can't get excited about the details of everyone else's lives.  Myself?  Yeah, I'll happily talk about myself until your ears fall off, but I'm so bad at asking about other people.  Don't get me wrong.  I think about friends and family often, and worry about them too.  But, I wish I were more like my husband.  It's definitely a gift.  And Calum definitely inherited that from him, thank goodness!  I think Ali will be a bit more self-involved like his Mum.  Then again, Ali absolutely has to say "hello" to anyone and everyone when we are out.  So, nope, he's just like Daddy, too.  Good lads, taking after Dad.  Mummy's got a bit of self-improving to do.

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