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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Counting Down

A few days to go before we drive to Houston, and I'm so overwhelmed with what we need to do before we go.  I haven't packed for travel in over a year, and I have no idea what to bring.  Not to mention supplements and vitamins, powders, liquids, a big-honkin' juicer, mini-blender for the Budwig mixture (trust me, you don't want to know), and I'm supposed to be making soups and salads ahead of time for the journey.  I'm currently gently placing my head in the sand and ignoring the situation. 

My in-laws arrived on Monday, and are getting used to the schedules and routines of the house.  I need to create a chart for Ali's supplements, which is a project in and of itself.  Man, we must be the most high-maintainance family in the world (my sister and parents are silently nodding their heads in unison).  Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, very little red meat, low-starch, etc.  And I'm thinking of trying soy-free, as my migraines have been horrendous since we started eating loads of stir-fries (soy sauce), tofu and edamame.  Because I need something else to cut out.

So what do we eat, you ask?  Well, sushi night was a rousing success with the kids (who would have thought?), and we have been doing lots of stir-fried veggies and sea-food.  We had cassoulet the other night with green beans, salad, and mixed vegetables.  LOVE cassoulet!  Tonight will be pork chops in my dairy/gluten-free mushroom white sauce, with brown rice, salad, and probably another vegetable.  Tomorrow night will be broiled salmon, broccoli, roasted red potatoes (just a couple), and salad.  Lunch is always some sort of vegetable soup, and a salad.  Today my mother-in-law made a Tuscan bean soup that was lovely.  Yesterday was broccoli soup, and I have butternut squash soup and potato/cauliflower/squash soup planned for the end of the week.  I'm amazed at how our taste buds have changed since we cut out sugar entirely.  And the kids!!  They are eating things I never imagined possible, all because they are appreciating "adult" foods now.  They haven't had a sip of juice in weeks, and happily drink water with meals.  Ali is my salad connisseur, and insists on dijon mustard on absolutely everything!  And they happily wolf down my low-sugar coconut ice cream.  I'm telling you, it's awesome.  So we are definitely not suffering over here!

I will probably be posting next from Houston!


P.S.  Thank you so very much from the bottom of both our hearts for the donations that have been made.  I apologize for not thanking each of you directly, but please know that our hearts are bursting with gratitude.  Your support and generosity is truly amazing :)

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  1. Soy sauce/ msg? and also I am sure it is fermented using wheat. I try to beat my migraines to it by taking extra Vit B around my moon and during any stress.

    Your posts make me smile! Cheering you on!!! Leslie